Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I just found out that my one-act play EXTREME GREEN will be produced by the Thespian Production Theater in Fort Myers, Florida.  My play is one of five chosen for their spring production.  The production dates are April 23-24th, 2010.  So if you're in that area... please come see my play be performed.  If not, I'm told the theater will probably supply me with a DVD copy of the play so I'll be sure to post it here for your viewing.

This is the same play I had produced in 2009 in Chicago.  It's a social comedy about the local food movement and how two men clash over their passions for a piece of land in the city. 

I'm beginning to work on a full play next.  Playwriting is a joy.  I'm sorry I waited so long to delve into this medium.  Actors are wonderful people to work with and have interpret your writing off the page.

It's snowing here in NYC!  Actually it's a blizzard!!  Amazing and beautiful.  I'm enjoying this winter wonderland.

Until next time. 

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jtuverson said...

Congratulations, Janet!