Sunday, September 21, 2008


All the experts today say people don't like to read anymore.

People want to watch or listen to stories instead of reading them, but thank goodness there are still avid readers out there.

Just look at Oprah's Book Club for proof of that -- or the NY Times Bestseller list -- people are reading.

What about in Hollywood? We've all heard that most execs and agents don't like to read. I think they do, but want to do it quickly. If you had six scripts to read over one weekend, would you want to read a 126 page script when a 95 page script might do the job? It may tell the story better when leaner. That's why all the script gurus tell us to write short narratives with shorter dialogue and leave lots of WHITE space on the page. Don't make the eyes work overtime!

This week I signed with a management company to distribute my script(s). They had one of my scripts covered and the feedback was genuinely helpful. I love readers who actually enjoy reading scripts and take the time to pay attention to detail -- and better yet -- to take the time to share it with you. And when 4 readers all agree on one element -- you know where your weakness is in the script and where your strengths are, but you first NEED that feedback.

So hats off to all you readers out there!

Thank you for curling up with my script and for reading each word with care. Then, taking the time to write a review with insight, reflection and care.

It really matters to writers.

We're writing to be read, after all.

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