Sunday, February 17, 2008


So I started the new year right by writing a little each day. Last year was the first year that I was ever blocked -- it's not that I didn't have ideas and scripts to work on, but that I became discouraged beyond belief and felt it was hopeless. That's what happens when you've been at something you love for a long time and don't see the results you hoped for -- but then you get little nibbles -- little signs from the universe, if you will, that say keep going. And what's the alternative? Writing is my fuel. Without it, I'm spinning my wheels.

So I've been being productive and getting such a high from the process again of just creating -- of writing -- seeing the pages pile up.

Out of the blue this week a friend in L.A. put me in touch with a manager. I'm sending the rep two scripts this week. Amazing how some things come to you when you're not so focused on it.

Glad the WGA strike is over! History! Yeah. We can have the Oscars -- not sure how thrilling they will be this year -- but I'll be watching no matter what.

Back to work.

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