Monday, January 14, 2008

Writer's Strike and Your Vote

A friend of mine lives and works occassionally writing for television. She's always been active with the WGA, West. She commented to me recently that she's never seen writers so united as now. They're organized, pumped and determined to stand their ground. It's about time in my opinion.

I hope the strike gets resolved soon. Imagine the Oscars being canceled or READ on TV. Good heavens -- how boring would that be! Almost as bad as those long winded speeches where producers thank their wives and tell their kids that "you can go to sleep now, Bobby and Kimmy" while clutching their Oscar.

I'm almost done with my new script outline. I have this system of writing pages and pages of notes, keywords, slang and then consolidating it into acts. It's coming along well. I wish I could think of a better title, but it's a working one for now. Soon I'll start breaking down the scenes and sequences -- and then soon enough the dialogue. I'm seeing the characters and finding their voices, to steal a Hillary Clinton term.

How exciting is the '08 presidential election going to be? I just hope We The People stay as united as the WGA writers are right now on the picket lines. Don't buy the media hype on any candidate. Pay attention, do your own research, and don't listen to those knucklehead TV guys who exaggerate constantly to get ratings. Tim Russert, Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, and Chris Matthews need to all take a chill pill. They're not reporting -- just hyping -- thus swaying -- and for once, the American people didn't fall for it.


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