Saturday, January 21, 2006


Just want to recommend the Creative Screenwriting Magazine podcasts available through iTunes. They've had some great in-depth chats with the screenwriters of such movies as
"Capote", "The Family Stone", "Syrianna", "Hostel" and many other popular releases.

Some of the writers are a little full of themselves and seem to like to hear themselves talk -- but I guess when you spend your life in a room alone writing -- the chance to pontificate and articulate is exciting.

The podcasts are conducted by Jeff Goldsmith, a senior editor for Creative Screenwriting Magazine and he does a good job trying to keep the writers on track.

I'm still writing. Getting a new script out this month to L.A. and guess what?? I heard from A-list producer about the sports script! He said "my notes will get to you in a week or so". Guess what? NO NOTES. This is since August! Granted he's finishing a big project for the WB Network, but it's frustrating just the same. I'm beyond annoyed and actually think it's funny now. If I ever get the notes, I will faint. They better be DAMN good.

Catching up on movies. Really liked "TransAmerica" with Felicity Huffman. Wow. She's phenomenal in this role. She will definitely be nominated for an Oscar. The movie is really good too. Also "Walk the Line" was better than I expected it to be. Great sound editing (and I never usually notice that stuff, but the sound/music in that movie are mixed in a creative way.) "Match Point" was worth seeing too. Very suspenseful and disturbing. Scarlett Johansson was terrific.

Oscars are right around the corner -- my equivalent of the Super Bowl! Can't wait for the glam red carpet walks, the show hosted this year by Jon Stewart and the corny Barbara Walters Pre-Oscar Special!

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Mona said...

J, ok, seriously, when are you coming back to work? We miss you!! And now that CC's on overnights I have NO ONE to talk to, I repeat NO ONE to talk to :)
Glad to hear you've seen all the recent movies I have.
Loved Walk the Line, loved Match Point, and finally saw Brokeback Mt and absolutely adored it...I am telling everyone to go see it, including my conservative pops. It's just such a touching love story I didn't even really think about the two young Hollywood hunks making out ...
Hope that dang A-dude frickin writes you back for once and for all...