Thursday, October 27, 2011

HIDDEN BATTLES - see the documentary in New York

Screening:  Monday, Nov. 7th, 2011 7:30PM in NYC
I've seen this documentary and it's extremely powerful.  Director Victoria Mills gives us a rare look inside the heart and mind of a soldier.  We all think we know about war and its impact on lives -- but do we really know how it changes those who actually fight these battles?  

Supporting the troops means more than lip service -- it means listening when soldiers speak from the heart, when they describe their experiences in combat and when they reach out for healing upon returning home.  I highly recommend Hidden Battles.  In honor of Veteran's Day, attend the screening if you can in New York City on Monday, Nov. 7th at 7:30PM.  More details below.  Congratulations, Victoria, for this great work and to your Hidden Battles team (a special shout out to Carolina Correa-Lawler, an associate producer on the film.... and my better half!)

Screening of Hidden Battles with Director Victoria Mills
”Hidden Battles” is a 65 minute documentary which follows a female Sandinista rebel, an Israeli officer, a Palestinian freedom fighter and two American soldiers as they come to terms with their combat experiences. The film offers unique insight and hope into the internal conflicts that human beings around the world continue to face long after they have left the battlefield. 

Slideshow of
Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan with Artist Jennifer Karady:
Jennifer Karady is an artist whom has worked with American veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past four years to create staged narrative photographs that depict their individual stories and address their difficulties in adjusting to civilian life.

Reading from Sand Queen with author Helen Benedict:
Helen Benedict's novel, Sand Queen, is culled from real life stories of female soldiers and Iraqis, offering a story of love, courage and struggle from the rare perspective of two young women on opposite sides of a war. 

Discussion with Scott Thompson, director of Veteran-Civilian Dialogue Project:
Scott Thompson is the Director of Social Dialogue and Training Initiatives for Intersections International. He oversees Intersections’ Veteran-Civilian Dialogue project, a community building effort for returning soldiers to provide meaningful tools of reconciliation and healing.

Event Details:
When: Monday, November 7th, 7:30 pm
Where:  DCTV- 87 Lafayette Street, NYC
Purchase tickets at:

$6-DCTV Members, DocuClub Members and Veterans
$8- Shooting People, NYWIFT, IFP Members and Students with ID
$10-General Admission

For more information about this event, visit:

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